Written and directed by Stefano P. Testa
With Roberto Piazzalunga & Briciola
Produced by Andrea Zanoli for Lab 80 film
Sound mix by Luca Severino
Distribution: Lab 80
Genre: Documentary
Running time: 82′
Release date: 2017
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

The story of Roberto, an histrionic sixty-years old man, who thinks outside the box, is a dialogue with images taken from old amateur videocassettes found in an abandoned warehouse in the province of Bergamo. He tells about how intensely he has lived without taking anything for granted, his experiences, his personal and generational disappointments. His unaccomplished dreams. He goes from his first accident in Lambretta to his discovery of punk culture. From his first job as a janitor to his father’s sudden death. From his unconventional marriage to his well-deserved retirement. In between these anecdotes, there are VHS amateur videos from the 80s and the 90s. Roberto’s eccentric approach to the idea of family, religion and existence faces and crashes with people’s beliefs and traditions in Bergamo, a small town close to the mountain.

Visioni Italiane – Cineteca di Bologna (Bologna, Italy, 2017) | D.E-R Award – Best Documentary Professional Awards (Roma, Italy, 2017) | Official Selection
Film Festival del Garda (Salò – BS, Italy, 2017) | Official Selection
Premio Angelo Di Castro – Festival Trastevere Rione del Cinema (Roma, 2017) | Official Selection
Presente Italiano (Pistoia, Italy, 2017) | Out of Competition
Visual Fest – Dipartimento di Scienze della Formazione Università degli Studi Roma Tre (Roma, Italy, 2017) | Special Jury Award
Experimental Edge Film Festival (Tallahassee – FL, USA, 2017) | Best Experimental Feature
Documentaria (Noto – SR, Italy, 2017) | Out of Competition
Docunder30 (Ferrara, Italy, 2017) | Out of Competition
DOCfeed (Eindhoven, Netherlands, 2018) | Official Selection
Invisible°Show (Bergamo, Italy, 2018) | Screening
Gdańsk DocFilm Festival (Gdańsk, Poland, 2018) | Official Selection
Cineforno.doc (Rho – MI, Italy, 2018) | Screening
Faito Doc Festival (Monte Faito – NA, Italy, 2018) | Official Selection
Suburbinale (Groß-Enzersdorf, Austria, 2018) | Official Selection
Re-framing Home Movies (Bergamo, Italy, 2018) | Screening
Avvistamenti (Bisceglie – BT, Italy, 2018) | Official Selection
ULTRAcinema (Guelatao, Oaxaca, Mexico 2019) | Official Selection